Hardware and management best practices for successful Hyper-V infrastructure deployments

Behind any successful implementation and go-live is a sequence of detailed steps and procedures that must be followed. Success in the first step relies largely on your ability to understand the complete scope of work and your objectives for the project in addition to your ability to implement effective strategies to manage and secure your virtualization investment.


Failure to follow industry best practices or these steps and procedures may jeopardize the overall success of the project, including such metrics as time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership due to unanticipated delays and rework.


In this webinar we examine:

  • Hardware best practices with StarWind HCA
  • Management best practices with 5nine Manager and 5nine Manager with AV
  • Practical resources such as questionnaires and purchasing checklists


Keynote Speaker

Symon Perriman
Former Microsoft evangelist and Hyper-V MVP


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