Simplify and Centralize Your Hybrid Cloud with 5nine

Solution_Brief_Book_Cover-1With increased reliance on technology and rising demand for ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to mission-critical data and systems, organizations across the globe are experiencing exponential growth in network data volume and traffic. As such, organizations are shifting more applications and workloads to the cloud. The size and complexity of these enterprise applications, workloads, and systems, however, often necessitates the use of multiple cloud types and cloud models.

This comprehensive e-book provides an overview of 5nine Cloud Manager, the only platform that offers a unified, single access point for management, migration, monitoring, backup and recovery for the public, private and hybrid cloud. 

Download the 5nine Hybrid Cloud Management Solution Brief to review :

► Why customers trust 5nine to simplify and centralize hybrid cloud management

► How 5nine can add benefit in any Microsoft cloud environment (public, private and hybrid) 

►  Features and benefits, including management, monitoring, migration and backup

►  Architecture, system requirements, licensing and more

►  Next steps and how to get started