5nine Cloud Manager FREE

Free Hybrid Cloud Management Solution for Hyper-V & Azure

With 5nine Cloud Manager FREE for Hyper-V & Azure, you can:


Simplify backup, recovery and replication in small Microsoft Cloud environments

  • Clone VMs
  • Create and restore VM backups
  • Live-migrate Hyper-V VMs
VM Lifecycle Management

Accelerate VM operations for up to 5 Hyper-V VMs and 5 Azure VMs

  • Track VM sprawl and detect zombie VMs
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF & IMG
  • Right-size VMs for maximum efficiency
Resource Monitoring

Centralize resource monitoring and receive real-time performance alerts

  • Real-time host CPU, memory, disk & network monitoring
  • Configure alerts and e-mail notifications
  • Review event log alarms

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