5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V

Multilayered protection for every point of attack

Virtual Firewall. Antivirus. Intrusion Detection. Anomaly Analytics.

Hybrid Cloud Support

Built for Microsoft Cloud. Unified console for managing Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V 

Uses Hyper-V Extensible Switch and Virtual Router

Hyper-V Extensible Switch and Virtual Router. North-South and East-West protection for Hyper-V and SDN V2 environments

Agentless Architecture -Boosts Performance

Agentless Architecture Boosts Performance. There’s no need to install software on the guest operating system

Quick and Easy Installation Process

Quick and Easy Installation Process. Easy management console installation with step-by-step documentation

Optimized for High Availability

Optimized for High Availability. Cluster-based management supports disaster recovery and fault tolerance

Hypervisor-Level Functionality

Hypervisor-Level Functionality. Scan 70 times faster and reduce the load on hosts by up to 30%


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