how-to-build-an-enterprise-grade-hyper-v-infrastructure-on-an-smb-budget-by-david-davispdf.jpgWhat Will You Learn?

With continuing enhancements to Microsoft Hyper-V, the number of companies, small and large, that are using this solution in their datacenter continues to increase. While a few companies have opted to build a completely free Hyper-V infrastructure, the lack of centralized graphical management and other advanced options usually pushes them to spend much more money than they need to. 

What a lot of companies don’t know is that the price of running an enterprise-grade Hyper-V infrastructure has come down (while the tools have gotten even better). Do you want to build an enterprise-grade Hyper-V infrastructure but keep the costs to a minimum? Today, it’s easier and more affordable than ever before. Let’s find out how. 

In This White Paper 

  • What makes a Hyper-V infrastructure "Enterprise-grade"
  • How to build an affordable Hyper-V infrastructure
  • The five pieces needed to build your affordable Hyper-V infrastructure
    • Hypervisor
    • Centralized Management
    • Data Protection
    • Shared Enterprise-Grade Storage
    • Security


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