Microsoft's Best Kept Secret

Microsoft Hyper-V offers nearly the same capabilities as VMware ESXi but comes 100% free with Windows Server. Organizations who've switched to Hyper-V from VMware have reported savings upwards of approximately $90,000 annually in unnecessary licensing fees.

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The Clear Path to Public Cloud

Not only is Hyper-V the more economical choice, it’s the only virtualization platform with a clear path to the public cloud.  The native interoperability between Hyper-V and Azure enables the agility and scale of public cloud while maintaining the security and compliance of private cloud. 5nine is the only Unified Cloud Management and Security Platform equipped to manage the balance between private, public and hybrid cloud.

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The Solution to All Your Hyper-V Challenges 

5nine Makes it Fast and Easy to Migrate to, Manage and Secure Hyper-V

The 5nine Unified Cloud Management and Security Platform has helped thousands of organizations, including AIG, Alstom and Konica Minolta transition to Hyper-V. 5nine accelerates migration, simplifies management, centralizes monitoring, automates backup and strengthens security.

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Virtual Machines Migrated
from VMware to Hyper-V


Hyper-V Virtual Machines Managed
and Protected


Saved in VMware Licensing Fees
and Operational Efficiencies

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Their Hyper-V Environments


Migrate to Hyper-V 5X Faster 

Accelerate your timeline to higher ROI

5nine V2V Easy Converter seamlessly migrates data and applications from VMware to Hyper-V. Using advanced automation and agentless design, 5nine converts VMs and their configuration settings, regardless of guest operating system, including Linux and Unix. What’s more, it’s 100% free to get started. Sign up now and get a jump start on your migration. 

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Centrally Manage Datacenters

Automate tedious tasks like cloning and provisioning 

5nine simplifies, centralizes and automates Hyper-V management – your days of tedious management, multiple tools and complex interfaces are over. 5nine enables you to manage multiple private cloud tenants from the convenience of a single, unified interface – from individual VMs and hosts - to multiple clusters - and even entire datacenters. It’s 100% free to get started, so simplify your Hyper-V tasks today. 

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One Place to Monitor Every VM 

Never toggle between consoles again

5nine Manager centrally monitors cloud workloads for performance issues. Why sift through thousands of event logs across hundreds of servers when 5nine provides real-time line-of-sight into KPIs like memory, disk and CPU usage? When capacity exceeds your threshold, 5nine automatically migrates VMs to a new host to prevent downtime. It’s 100% free to start, so centrally monitor VMs, hosts, clusters, and more today.

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Hyper-V Backup at No Extra Cost 

5nine Hyper-V Backup Could Save You Thousands 

There’s no need to purchase a separate Hyper-V backup and recovery solution, because 5nine Manager has everything you need: automation, replication, scheduling, restore-to-Azure, file-level restore and more. Plus, it’s baked right into 5nine’s elegant interface – you won’t have to worry about procuring, learning, configuring and managing an entirely different toolset. Sign up now and start saving thousands on backup licensing fees.

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Automatic Agentless Security

Prevent, Detect and Remediate Malware and Hackers

5nine Cloud Security automatically and immediately secures every virtual machine added to the network – both from inbound and lateral traffic. With 5nine, your security posture is completely covered: agentless antivirus, virtual firewall and anomaly detection protects you from any threat that comes your way. Plus, 5nine is 100% agentless – your applications will run up to 10X faster than with antiquated, agent-based approaches.  It’s 100% free to get started, so see for yourself how 5nine can increase security and improve performance.  

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Simple Pricing at Every Stage of Your Switch


The fastest and easiest way to convert VMware to Hyper-V


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Centrally prevent and protect your environment from malware and hackers 

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Don’t Wait, Capture the ROI of Switching from VMware to Hyper-V Today

We’re offering discounted VMware Migration bundles that include 5nine Manager, 5nine Cloud Security and 5nine V2V Easy Converter for a limited time to qualified participants. Contact sales or submit a demo request before this promotion ends. We’ll contact you within 24 business hours.
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