The In-Depth Kubernetes Guide

Kubernetes_tutorial_book_coverWhy Does Kubernetes Matter?

In a modern enterprise, software runs on any number of applications, each with different configurations and restrictions. Keeping these systems available, reliable and scalable, requires a lot of work, time and dedication.

Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is an open source platform that eliminates most of the manual processes associated with deploying and scaling clusters in the hybrid cloud. No matter what platform you choose to run your containerized applications on, they will always function the same way with Kubernetes.

This comprehensive Kubernetes tutorial is designed to help you adopt a mission-critical architecture that provides reliability and scalability to your virtual infrastructure.

You Will Learn:

  • The critical role that Kubernetes plays in a successful digital transformation
  • The nuts and bolts behind Kubernetes architecture and deployments
  • The differences between Kubernetes, Docker and Mesos
  • Benefits of Kubernetes for AWS and Azure

Download this guide and learn how to use Kubernetes for container orchestration.